Pike Helmets

We set out 2 years ago to develop one of the best looking, safest and best fitting open-face MTB helmets on the market. The result, we think, delivers on our original aims.

Great looks and fit

The compact 2-piece racing shell gives a well proportioned look as well as 2 outer shell sizes alongside our new 3D Multi-Positioning System giving a great fit. The adjust works up-down, front-rear and open-close giving what feels like a truly tailored fit for all head shapes and sizes.


In the ACells version we have incorporated our IPX® ACells helmet impact protection system, giving increased protection against not only rotational impact but also low-speed impacts. Developed for our top-end Blade full-face helmet and now incorporated into the Pike, we genuinely believe this is one of the safest, if not the safest, helmets onto market. The ACells technology can also be retro-fitted very easily into all Pike models and colors.

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